Thursday, September 15, 2011

TRG: Week 1 Recap

Well, aside from getting nuked by the Buffalo Bills, week 1 wasn't so bad! There were quite a few surprises, but Houston, Philly, and Dallas all took care of business and covered the spread. It looks like there are some juicy lines this week, so stay tuned for tomorrow's pick 6 post. Here's the recap of last week:


KC/Buffalo UNDER 39.5: What a meltdown by the Chiefs defense. 41 points to the Bills, really? If you would have told me KC was only going to score 7, I would have thought the under was guaranteed.

Isn't it always a good idea to give CJ the ball? The Titans blew it.
KC -5.5 over Buffalo: Kansas City is in big trouble. The passing game was completely ineffective, they got behind too quickly to run the ball effectively, and the defense was atrocious. They also lost safety Eric Berry for the season. Couldn't have gone worse for the Chiefs.

Tennessee +1.5 over JACKSONVILLE: I'm not as concerned about the Titans in the long run (yet), but that was still a disappointing performance. For some reason, despite being down less than two scores for the majority of the game, they refused to run the ball. They only had 13 carries TOTAL. Hasselbeck had 34 pass attempts. Not a winning formula for the Titans. Depending on when/where you got this line, it may have covered (I had them +3.5 in one pool), but unfortunately it didn't cover here.


HOUSTON -8.5 over Indianapolis: Told you. It's going to be a long year for the Colts. I like the Texans again this week, but I may hold off to see if they're going to be as bi-polar as they were last season.

Philadelphia -4 over ST. LOUIS: I was never too concerned about this one. It will be difficult not to pick against the NFC West every time they face a good team. Philly probably wants a better performance from its defense, particularly after Steven Jackson was pounding them in the 1st quarter, but they pulled through. The offense should improve as Maclin is eased back in.

Romo may have led the meltdown last week, but he'll rebound against SF.
Dallas +5.5 over NY JETS: And this one actually turned out to be a field goal game, like I thought it would. It was pretty much over when the 'Boys went up 24-17, but that was an impressive meltdown nonetheless. Both teams come out of this game looking like they need improvement, but Dallas has to be happy with how effective the passing game was against a top-notch secondary. The Cowboys are early candidates for "lock of the week" giving 3 points against the Niners.

2011 Stats

Total Record: 3-3-0

Games: 3-2-0
Over/Under: 0-1-0
Home Teams: 1-1-0
Road Teams: 2-1-0
Favorites: 2-1-0
Dogs: 1-1-0


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