Friday, September 13, 2013

Rex Ryan: I never said Sanchez won the competition

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez says he won the quarterback competition with Geno Smith, and only a shoulder injury prevented him from remaining the team’s starting quarterback. But the man who had final say on who won the quarterback competition didn’t see it that way.
Jets coach Rex Ryan decided told reporters today that he never declared Sanchez the winner.
“Well, I never said he won the competition. I didn’t say that,” Ryan said.
Ryan was asked if Sanchez’s comments run counter to the company line.
“That’s his opinion,” Ryan said. “And it’s not about a company line. Apparently if that’s what he said, that’s his opinion. Again, there is the ongoing competition if you will.”
Ryan said he still hopes Sanchez’s shoulder rehabilitation goes well enough for Sanchez to be cleared to play this year. Even if there’s no guarantee that Ryan will actually put Sanchez on the field.

Author: Michael David Smith
AP Photo via CBS Sports

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