Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jim Irsay: I demand better protection of Andrew Luck

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck took plenty of shots in the opener against the Raiders, and Colts owner Jim Irsay is now taking some public shots at the people whose job it is to protect Luck.
Irsay took to Twitter on Wednesday to say that the protection of Luck in the Colts’ season-opening victory was unacceptable, and Irsay expects the people who get paychecks with his signature on them to do something to keep Luck upright.
According to Irsay, the offensive linemen, running backs, tight ends and coaches are all on notice that Luck needs to be protected.
Irsay is obviously right that protecting Luck is an important part of the Colts’ success, although it’s a little odd that he decided to call the team out publicly on Twitter. Then again, just about everything Irsay tweets could be described as “a little odd.” This surely won’t be the last time this season that Irsay has something to say about his team in 140 characters or less.

His tweet:

Jim Irsay         @JimIrsay
Raider/Colts-- we gotta protect #12 better..and that includes more than just's backs,TE's,coaches on blitz pick ups..I DEMAND better

Author: Michael David Smith
Getty Images Nick Laham

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