Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plaxico doesn’t sound like he’ll be back with the Jets

Jets receiver Plaxico Burress is in Indy, signing autographs.  He’s likely not finishing with a flourish that includes “Jets 2012.”
As Brian Costello of the New York Post writes, Plaxico was less than gushing in his praise of quarterback Mark Sanchez, or in other comments about the team.
Basically, Plax followed the “it is what it is” approach to answering the questions.
Asked about the team’s quarterback, Burress:  “Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez.”
How did the season go?  “It went as it went.”
On whether the Jets used Burress to the best of his abilities, Burress said, “They used me the way they wanted to use me.”
OK, last try.  What’s your impression of the Jets locker room?  “The Jets locker room is the Jets locker room.”
And so it sounds like Burress won’t be back.  Though he didn’t expressly agree with Brandon Jacobs‘ assessment from Tuesday that Plaxico wishes he’d signed with the Giants instead of the Jets, it’s safe to say that his decision was what his decision was, and that his next move will be his next move.

author:  Mike Florio

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