Thursday, February 2, 2012

McNabb doesn’t sound ready to retire

Former Vikings, Redskins, and Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb drew little to no interest after Minnesota waived him on December 1. During a Wednesday interview on NFL Network’s Super Bowl Live, however, McNabb indicated that he intends to keep playing football.
“I see three teams in the NFL, right now, that I feel like I can add a little bit of flavor to it from what they have,” McNabb said.  ”I won’t mention those teams. But, if the phone rings, there will be a lot of decisions to make on that.”

McNabb’s “if the phone rings” statement confirms that the phone hasn’t rung. He’s going to have to be open to a backup job as a 2012 free agent, likely for the NFL’s minimum salary.
McNabb did say he’d be satisfied if his career were over at age 35.
“A lot of people take a lot of things from this game,” he said. “They take away a Super Bowl ring, they take away an opportunity to play with Hall of Fame players. When I walk away from the game, I take a little bit of everything.”

author:  Evan Silva

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