Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aaron Rodgers wins what Brett Favre never did: Super Bowl MVP

When Steve Young led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl XXIX title, he famously yelled “Somebody take the monkey off my back,” referring to the way he had always been dogged by comparisons to Joe Montana.
Now the monkey is officially off Aaron Rodgers‘ back. Brett Favre no longer casts a shadow over Rodgers’ career.
By winning the Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player award, Rodgers has now accomplished something Favre never did. Rodgers’ performance in the Packers’ 31-25 victory over the Steelers was nothing short of sensational, and was a better game on football’s biggest stage than Favre ever turned in.
Rodgers had a Super Bowl performance that stands on its own as one of the greatest ever. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and did it against a good Steelers defense, on a day when his receivers weren’t giving him much help, with several drops. Rodgers was as good as it gets in the biggest game of his career.
“This is a great group of men that we put together here, a lot of character, been through a lot together,” Rodgers said after the game. “It’s just great to be able to share it with them.”
At age 27, Rodgers has already reached the top of the football world. Expect him to stay on top for a long time — and maybe, some day, be remembered as the greatest Packers quarterback of them all.

author:  Michael David Smith

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