Monday, January 10, 2011

Ed Reed back with his family in Louisiana

One day after emotionally celebrating a playoff victory with his Ravens teammates, safety Ed Reed went home to be with his family.  Reed can stay in Louisiana as long as he chooses.
“We’ve left that up to Ed,” coach John Harbaugh said via theBaltimore Sun. “I know that Ed knows this team inside and out. We haven’t talked to him yet today. So I think it’s going to kind of depend on the circumstances down there, what he feels he needs to do with his family. But we’ll give him a lot of leeway.”
Reed tried to keep the win in perspective after the game.
“Knowing that there’s a bigger picture to life than what we’ve got going on here,” Reed said.  “This is a child’s game that we play, and like I said, these guys helped keep me focused and keep my head in the right place. Talking to my mom and dad, knowing that they’re being strong right now.”
Author: Gregg Rosenthal

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