Monday, January 17, 2011

Bart Scott rips Tom Brady

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott rubbed some salt in Tom Brady's wounds following the Jets' 28-21 AFC divisional playoff win over the New England Patriots.
Brady has lost his past three playoff games.
“This was the quarterback that couldn’t get touched,” Scott said, per the Boston Herald. “(The media) talk all about how great he’s playing, but what Rex (Ryan) pulled out for us was his last three playoff games – what his record was and what his rating was then. He had a 66 quarterback rating in his last four or five playoff games and you guys didn’t believe that. You guys didn’t look deep enough into the notes.”
Brady had an 89.0 rating against the Jets, a 49.1 rating last season in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens and an 82.5 rating in a Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.
The Jets sacked Brady five times.
“That’s what we leaned on,” Scott said. “We leaned on the fact that we knew we had more playoff experience than that team. We know that when the pressure was on, those young guys wouldn’t be able to perform at a high level. We’ve been there done that and we let you guys build him up, let him read his things and that’s why he can go kick rocks. ..
“He started looking for the rush when there was no rush. He thought after a certain amount of time somebody was coming, he was fidgeting… Most quarterbacks don’t like getting hit. They get hit and they turn into a totally different person.”

source:  National Football Post
author:  Aaron Wilson

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