Saturday, September 18, 2010

Casey Hampton, Max Starks won't play for Pittsburgh

The New York Jets aren't the only 3-4 team that will be missing a nose tackle in Week Two.

The Steelers won't have Casey Hampton, the man who knows a thing or two about clogging up the middle of the offensive line, will be sitting on the bench for Sunday's game at Nashville.  (Rosenthal mentioned this in his excellent 15 things to know about the Week Two injury report.  And like everything else done well, it means that he will be required to do it again.)

The good news for Pittsburgh is that Hampton won't miss the rest of the year.  Still, the Steelers could use the big fella as they prepare to face Chris Johnson and the Titans.  Chris Hoke, a nine-year veteran who has appeared in 16 games for each of the past four seasons, 15 in 2005, and 14 in 2004, will replace Hampton.

Left tackle Max Starks also will miss the game for the Steelers.  He'll be replaced by Jonathan Scott, a free-agent arrival from the Bills who struggled last week after Starks left with an injury.

source: PFT
author: Mike Florio

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