Sunday, June 19, 2016

Colts plan more rollouts to keep Andrew Luck upright

Last season was ugly for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. This season, the Colts believe they can keep him healthy and effective by making him a moving target for opposing defenses.
According to the Colts’ website, there are more rollouts in the playbook this season, and Colts coach Chuck Pagano says that he, with a defensive background, is excited about the way that can attack an opponent.
“That’s tough from a defensive standpoint because it’s hard enough covering for two and a half, three seconds. Now when you extend a play, and a guy you think he’s going one way and everybody breaks a different direction it’s tough,” Pagano said.
Colts backup quarterback Scott Tolzien, in his first year in Indianapolis, has seen how rollouts can work in other offenses and likes the wrinkle in the Colts’ offense as well.
“It’s definitely part of the offense and puts pressure on the defense,” Tolzien said. “I think it also takes a little pressure off the line because you are changing the pocket and it gives the run/pass threat that makes it tough on the defense.”
Keeping Luck moving may be the thing to keep him standing for 16 games.

Author: Michael David Smith
Photo by John Sommers II, UPI

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