Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nike moves on from Manziel, too

From the Browns to agent Erik Burkhardt to agent Drew Rosenhaus to the marketing agency owned by LeBron James, plenty of folks have had enough of Johnny (a/k/a Jonathan) Manziel. One of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers has now added its name to the list.
Via Darren Rovell of ESPN.com, Nike has terminated its relationship with Manziel. In January, Nike reportedly was “on the fence” about keeping him.
Coincidentally, Manziel’s trip to Nike’s Oregon campus ended up being one of the only exceptions to his Eddie Haskell-inspired “all about football” phase of early 2014, when Manziel was otherwise creating the impression that he was fully and completely committed to getting ready for life in the NFL.
“We’re not knocking the guy for trying to get paid,” a certain group of Internet hacks observed at the time news broke of Manziel’s break in training to visit Nike.  “We’re pointing out that the notion Johnny Football is currently all about football is more about getting Johnny drafted as high as possible and less about reality.”
It worked. He was drafted as high as possible. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t extend to keeping him in the NFL as long as possible.

Source: PFT.com
Author: Mike Florio
Photo via BusinessInsider.com

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