Thursday, March 10, 2016

Report: Colin Kaepernick is Broncos’ “chief target”

Even before Brock Osweiler was officially out of Denver, a deal for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick seemed to be among the most sensible alternatives.
Now, it might be their primary one.
According to Michael Silver of the NFL Network, Kaepernick has emerged as the Broncos’ “chief target” and an attempt to trade for him seems likely.
On the surface, it makes plenty of sense for the Broncos, unless they’re going to make a run at Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Kaepernick is young and mobile and seemingly a stylistic fit for Gary Kubiak’s offense. And there’s enough help around him that should ease the pressure to carry things like in San Francisco after the post-Harbaugh diaspora.
He’s also relatively cheap, if you consider the $11.9 million which would be guaranteed on April 1.
With so many of their own players bolting for the door early in free agency, an inexpensive starting quarterback could be just what they’re looking for as they attempt to reload.
Then again, the 49ers have to go along with the idea of trading him, and have thus far seemed unwilling to, despite his agents spreading the word he wanted out. That gives them the chance to twist John Elway’s arm a bit, and see what Kaepernick’s worth to them.

Author: Darin Gantt
Photo: Sam Sharpe, USA TODAY

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