Monday, February 29, 2016

Romo “leaning toward” having plate inserted in collarbone

A decision has been made. Sort of.
Speaking to a couple of reporters on Saturday (apparently at a LegoLand appearance with his wife and kids . . . and there’s nothing quite like stepping on one of those damn plastic bricks in your bare feet while stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night), Romo first said that he’ll have a plate inserted into his thrice-broken collarbone to protect it against further fracture.
He then clarified his remarks to say he’s “leaning toward” having the plate inserted. The information comes via Drew Davison of of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Desmond Purnell of NFL Media.
Romo has decided to have surgery. The question is whether he’ll have a plate inserted or a so-called Mumford procedure, which entails something other than the insertion of a plate.

Author: Mike Florio
AP Photo: Tony Gutierrez

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