Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gerald McCoy criticized for his good sportsmanship

There are plenty of things the Buccaneers are doing wrong right now, plenty of actual things to criticize.
So it was bizarre and stupid when a former Buccaneers player went on the radio this week to criticize defensive tackle Gerald McCoy for helping opponents up after a play.
According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, the goodwill gesture became an issue on a local sports talk station this week.
“If people really pay attention, then you would also notice that when someone on the opposing team gets hurt, most of time there’s one person who walks on the field and says a prayer, and that’s me,’’ McCoy said. “That’s who I am and that’s who I’m going to be. If you don’t like it, get over it. I’m going to help people up because I’m a good sportsman and because football is temporary; sports is temporary.
“People have families and kids, wives. And 10 years down the line … what about that guy who you’re so concerned about how hard he’s going and he can’t play with his kids because he’s out there killing himself? That’s what I’m concerned about.’’
As if being a human being were a sign of weakness, McCoy said the fact he came to work the day after his wife gave birth to twins should be a sign of his commitment.
“On July 15 I had twins,’’ McCoy said. “On July 16 I was up here in the rain running gassers and hitting the bags. If you know another person doing that, then you can talk to me about how nice I am.’’
McCoy’s one of the few bright spots on that team at the moment, and picking at him for this seems nothing more than an attempt to get attention.
Because no one can honestly be that dumb and have a job in the media.

Author: Darin Gantt
AP Photo

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