Sunday, August 17, 2014

Report: Jim Kelly won’t be partnering with Bon Jovi

Upon further review, Jim Kelly and Andre Reed may have come to the same conclusion about Jon Bon Jovi.
According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Kelly has declined to team up with Bon Jovi after a recent meeting, citing concerns over his sincerity about keeping the team in Buffalo.
“I can confirm that Jim Kelly met with Jon Bon Jovi, but Kelly and (investor) Jeffrey Gundlach will not be pursuing a relationship with the Toronto group,” a source told Graham. “Kelly and Gundlach do not feel confident that their aspirations for keeping the Bills in Buffalo long-term are aligned with the interests of the Toronto group.”
Bon Jovi’s reaching out to Kelly seemed like a Hail Mary from the start, a chance to generate some goodwill by attaching himself to perhaps the city’s greatest hero, who happens to be battling cancer.
But the fact the link was so short-lived also casts some doubt about the legitimacy of the group’s bid.

Author: Darin Gantt
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