Monday, June 2, 2014

Nightclub executive: Manziel’s visit “great for Vegas”

Johnny Manziel’s recent Las Vegas jaunt drew widespread attention.
And the buzz generated by the Browns’ rookie quarterback didn’t go unnoticed in Vegas.
An unnamed nightclub executive told Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Manziel’s trip was “great for Vegas,” with the executive estimating Manziel’s visit generated millions in free publicity for the city.
“It was like when Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods came to town. It meant something,” the executive said, according to Clarke. “People love a showman. People love to follow that kind of guy. He’s Johnny Football — and he’s a nice guy.”
And as long as the “football” part of Manziel’s brand remains strong, the Browns’ first-round pick figures to be someone whose arrival at any public place draws stares, whispers and stealth cellphone-camera pictures.

Author: Mike Wilkening
Photo from 'Busted Coverage'

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