Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broncos pick up Von Miller option

The Broncos wisely waited until nearly the last minute, but they ultimately did what they were expected to do with linebacker Von Miller.
Per multiple reports, the Broncos have picked up the fifth-year option on the second overall pick in the 2011 draft.
Miller, who was suspended six games to start the 2013 season due to his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy, is one strike away from a one-year suspension. But the fifth-year salary is guaranteed only for injury, so the Broncos are protected against any off-field issues or a sudden drop in on-field performance.
He’s currently rehabbing a torn ACL, and he’s expected to be ready to go for Week One. What he does this year, on the field and off, will go a long way toward determining whether the Broncos tear up the contract and give Miller a long-term deal.

Author: Mike Florio
AP Photo David Zalubowski

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