Friday, January 10, 2014

Steve Smith admits he was just making up numbers

If there’s anything Steve Smith likes more than baiting cornerbacks or catching passes, it’s messing with people.
So yes, he was making it all up when he declared himself 71 percent, or 57 percent earlier in the week as he comes back from a PCL sprain.
“Can I be honest with the number?” Smith said, via David Newton of”I just randomly pick numbers.
“Yesterday wasn’t as good as I expected, but as far as the numbers, I just pick numbers. Like I picked 57 at about 6:45 a.m. [Thursday] when I woke up to get treatment. Jeff Byers [injured center] said I should do 62. I said 57.  So we played Rock-Paper-Scissors for 57 and I won. See, I have kids and he doesn’t. I’m well experienced for Rock-Paper-Scissors.”
Smith’s knee doubtless hurts, but there’s no chance he was missing this one.
He’s lived through 1-15 and 2-14 nearly a decade apart as a member of the Panthers, and with the team about to play its first playoff game in five years, he wasn’t going to not be on the field.
Even if he was 33 percent, or less.

Author: Darin Gantt
AP Photo

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