Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Report: Julio Jones broke the screw in his surgically repaired foot

The foot injury suffered by Falcons receiver Julio Jones on Monday night is reportedly related to the foot surgery he had before his rookie year.
Veteran NFL reporter Jason Cole reports that Jones, who leads the league with 41 catches, broke the screw that was put in his foot in that 2011 surgery.
I’m not a doctor, but my official diagnosis is ouch. And the fact that Jones kept playing and made a sensational 46-yard catch with a broken screw in his foot makes me feel like the guy who passes out in that “You wouldn’t make it in pro football” commercial.
But Jones has a history of shrugging off his foot problems. The 2011 injury happened before the Scouting Combine, but he delayed surgery, ran at the Combine and put on a sensational performance despite running with a broken bone in his foot.
Jones is expected to get a second opinion on Wednesday, but the initial diagnosis is that he’s going to need another surgery and will miss the rest of the season. That’s terrible news for a player who was having an outstanding year.

Source: PFT.com
Author: Michael David Smith
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