Monday, September 2, 2013

CFL’s Alouettes won’t be calling Tebow

The Montreal Alouettes continue to hold the CFL negotiating rights for quarterback Tim Tebow.  And the Alouettes continue to sound anything but enthused about the prospect of signing him.
“We’ve never had a conversation with him or his representation,” G.M. and interim coach Jim Popp said Monday, via   “It’s all for talk and there’s nothing there, there’s no substance to it.”
Popp didn’t say the Als would have no interest if Tebow’s camp makes the first move.  Instead, Popp made it clear that his team won’t be making the first move.
“I don’t think they would be ready to do that,” Popp said regarding the chances of Tebow’s camp contacting Montreal. “But if they are . . . I’m sure they’ll call us.”
In April, Popp said that Tebow was welcome to compete to be a backup to Anthony Calvillo, the starter who currently is out with a concussion.  The other quarterbacks currently on the roster are Troy Smith, Josh Neiswander, and Tanner Marsh.  Smith, a Heisman winner like Tebow, has been the odd man out when it comes to replacing Calvillo.
Tebow has said that he plans to continue his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.  But if the NFL doesn’t want him, the only alternative would be to play in a different league and create tape of something other than Tebow throwing the ball to a wide open patch of green turf — which he did on Thursday night, one snap before throwing a 52-yard touchdown pass.
Tebow’s biggest problem has been consistency.  And it appears that we’ve arrived at a point where NFL teams will be consistently disinterested in a guy who led the Broncos to the final eight less than 20 months ago.

Author: Mike Florio
Photo: Anthony J Causi

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