Monday, September 16, 2013

Bucs players not happy with Schiano

Last week, the Buccaneers deftly were able to sidestep the fallout of an ugly loss to the Jets by eventually shining a spotlight on quarterback Josh Freeman.
This week, it could be a little trickier.
While it’s clear that players question the commitment and leadership of Freeman, players also question the tactics and methods of coach Greg Schiano.   As one league source recently told PFT, multiple veteran players simply don’t like Schiano’s ways.  Recently, FOX Sports reported (via the New York Post) that cornerback Darrelle Revis isn’t happy with Schiano’s “strict” nature.
It’s hardly a new development.  We reported last December that one veteran player wanted to know when these coaches would be sent back to college.  On Monday, Pewter Report chronicled the issues that have plagued a team that has now gone 1-7 over its last eight games.
Meanwhile, the Cold War between Schiano and Freeman continues.  After Sunday’s loss, Schiano assumed blame for the loss while take a passive-aggressive jab at the man who seems to be not long for the job of starting quarterback.
“I’m going to have to look at the tape to tell you what’s going on, because it isn’t just the quarterback. It, squarely, is on me,” Schiano said.
He didn’t say it’s not quarterback.  He said it isn’t just the quarterback, which means that to a certain extent it is the quarterback.
The reality is that coaches who win can get away with being hard-nosed disciplinarians.  Absent pelts on the wall, it won’t work.  While the Bucs showed some promise last season, it’s all moving in the wrong direction — and Schiano could be moving in the direction out of Tampa after this season, unless things turn around quickly.

Author: Mike Florio
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