Monday, August 26, 2013

Report: Bills fear Kevin Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending

The news on Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb, who left Saturday’s preseason game with a head injury, appears to be very bad.
Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills are concerned Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending, and they’re proceeding with that in mind.
The concussion suffered on Saturday was at least the third of Kolb’s career, and in today’s NFL, multiple concussions are taken very seriously.
The Bills are acting like a team that expects to have a real need at quarterback: They signed Matt Leinart and traded for Thaddeus Lewis today. NFL teams have to reduce their rosters to 75 players by Tuesday, and the Bills wouldn’t add two quarterbacks at a time when they have to cut down elsewhere if they weren’t worried about the availability of both Kolb and EJ Manuel, the first-round pick who suffered a preseason knee injury.

Author: Michael David Smith
Photo: US Presswire

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