Monday, May 6, 2013

Phoenix head shop takes out ad to welcome Tyrann Mathieu

The Cardinals are hoping that Tyrann Mathieu comes to Arizona without the marijuana problems that sank his career at LSU.
One local business is hoping that the opposite is true. Bud’s Glass Joint, a head shop in Phoenix, took out an ad in the Phoenix New Times that welcomed Mathieu to town while also informing him that their shop has him covered for any weed-related needs that should come up once he reports to work with the Cardinals.
The ad, which can be seen at right via, features a picture of Mathieu in his LSU uniform and refers to him by the Honey Badger nickname that Mathieu has said that he’d like to see retired as he moves onto the next stage of his football career. We’d imagine he’d also like ads from head shops linking him to marijuana to go away, but more time is going to have to pass before people stop immediately thinking of marijuana when Mathieu’s name comes up for discussion.
Does the Honey Badger care about his image being used to promote a head shot? We don’t know, but we imagine the only thing that might upset his agents and lawyers more would be if Mathieu actually showed up for a live glass blowing exhibit.
Whether you find the ad funny or in poor taste, you can’t argue with the marketing savvy shown by the heads behind the head shop by linking their ad to Mathieu. They’re getting a lot more eyeballs than one expects when paying for an ad in an alternative newspaper.

Author: Josh Alper
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