Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sanchez apparently won’t be heading to Tampa

On Friday, we advanced the ball on the Darrelle Revis trade talks with a wrinkle that came as a surprise:  The name of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has come up in the negotiations.
We tripped over this particular nugget while exploring whether the Jets may be trying to foist Tim Tebow onto the Bucs as part of the trade.  A source with knowledge of the talks said that, while Tebow’s name hasn’t been mentioned, Sanchez’s has.
The move would make a lot of sense for the Jets, who surely would have cut Sanchez by now, if his $8.25 million base salary for 2013 weren’t fully guaranteed without offset.
Multiple reports have since emerged that the Buccaneers aren’t interested in Sanchez.  Several of the reports have confirmed, however, that his name did indeed come up as a potential add-on to the deal.
If the Bucs would take Sanchez, it wouldn’t mean they necessarily want him.  It would mean that they want Revis badly enough to remove from the Jets the obligation to pay Sanchez $8.25 million guaranteed — and to carry the cap space that is consumed along with it.
Apparently, Tampa’s desire to land Darrelle Revis has a limit.

Author: Mike Florio

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