Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Idzik says Jets didn’t consider asking Tebow to change positions

It’s been obvious for months that Tim Tebow had no future as a quarterback for the Jets, and the only surprise when the Jets cut Tebow on Monday was that they waited so long to do it. But did the Jets keep Tebow around as long as they did with a thought of moving him to another position?
Asked that question on Mike and Mike in the Morning, John Idzik said that from the time he became the Jets’ general manager, he and the Jets’ staff never had any thought of playing Tebow anywhere but quarterback.
“No, we didn’t,” Idzik said. “Tim, while I was here, he was slated as a quarterback.”
The strange thing about the way the Jets used Tebow last year, however, was that they seemed to be going out of their way not to give him a chance to play quarterback: He was the personal protector on the punt team and took snaps in the Wildcat formation, but when the Jets wanted a quarterback to replace Mark Sanchez, they turned to Greg McElroy, not Tebow.
Tebow was good with the ball in his hands in college and might be able to play some fullback or tight end if given the opportunity, but from all accounts he sees himself as a quarterback. And although the Jets didn’t give him a chance to play quarterback, that’s how they saw him, too.

Source: PFT.com
Author: Michael David Smith
Photo: Anthony J Causi, NY Post

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