Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Roger Goodell not welcome at several New Orleans bars

Despite an appeal from Saints head coach Sean Payton to give commissioner Roger Goodell a warm welcome, the city of New Orleans is still holding a grudge over Bountygate.
According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, at least one local bar is taking an active role in expressing their displeasure of Goodell. “The Jimani,” a small bar located near the team hotel for the San Francisco 49ers, will not serve Goodell if he happens to wander into their establishment.
They have a photo of Goodell posted behind their bar with a message saying “Do not serve this man.”
They are far from the only place of business in New Orleans where Goodell isn’t welcome. Finn McCool’s Pub and the Parkview Tavern (pictured) also have displays disparaging Goodell.

Source: PFT.com
Author: Curtis Crabtree
Photo from WWLTV, Facebook.com

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