Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rex Ryan on T.O.: Never say never

Terrell Owens made his latest bid for attention/a job in the NFL on Monday night when he directed a tweet to the Jets letting them know that he was available to join the team any time they called.
Owens sent out his tweet a short time after two of the current Jets receivers helped raise some doubt about their ability to help the team. Darrelle Revis critic/Jaguars washout Jason Hill dropped a well-thrown deep ball from Tim Tebow and Clyde Gates, who joined the team just before the first game, hurt his shoulder bad enough that he’s having an MRI on Tuesday. You can criticize T.O. for many, many things, but he’s got a good sense of timing.
And he also got the attention that he was seeking since Rex Ryan was asked Tuesday about the chance of Owens joining the team. There’s no reason to get your popcorn ready, but Ryan didn’t totally rule out the chance that Jets fans will need to get in touch with Orville Redenbacher. Ryan said that you “never say never” and that the team would consider all options.
That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of the idea, but Ryan did slam the door on a Plaxico Burress inquiry last week so it isn’t just a stock answer.
“I said no before about Plax. For that decision, we went with Jason Hill. But you’re going to look at everything,” Ryan said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “We don’t know what the severity of the injuries are or anything else right now. But I could say a definite for T.O. and anybody else out there that’s not on our team. But again, you look at your situation, let’s see how Gates is. I don’t think the injury’s going to be a major injury so I would assume we’d go with the same crew. It would just be good to get Stephen Hill back.”
It doesn’t seem like a likely solution, but as long as the Jets keep losing wide receivers there are going to keep being question about famous unemployed players at the position.

Source: PFT.com
Author: Josh Alper

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