Friday, October 5, 2012

Report: Danny Amendola to miss six weeks

It looks like the difference of opinion about the severity of Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola’s shoulder injury is going to work out well for the Rams.
Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Rams believe Amendola has suffered a sternoclavicular joint separation near his right collarbone. The sternoclavicular joint is where the collarbone meets the chest and that diagnosis would likely get Amendola back into the lineup faster than if he had suffered a broken collarbone as originally feared.
The prognosis for return now is six weeks, although Schefter reports that Amendola could be back in the lineup quicker than that if his recovery process goes well. That would be a very agreeable development for the Rams, whose receiving corps was thin even with Amendola, who had 31 catches in the first four games and one catch before his injury, on the field. Sam Bradford completed just seven passes in Thursday night’s win, a number that normally makes it very difficult for teams to win games.
Steve Smith, Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, Brandon Gibson and rookie Brian Quick will be charged with making up for Amendola’s absence, a task that may prove to be too big for them based on their past performances. The good news is that if they can do enough to keep the Rams’ collective head above water, they should have Amendola back in the second half of the season.

Author: Josh Alper
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