Monday, October 29, 2012

Larry Fitzgerald evaluated for concussion, doesn’t miss a play

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald took a hit and went face-first into the turf in Arizona on Monday night, and although he got up looking woozy, he didn’t miss a play.
After diving for a third-down pass and taking a shot on his way to the ground, Fitzgerald took some time to compose himself, picked some grass out of his facemask and then walked off the field.
On the sideline he was shown being attended to by the team’s medical staff, and ESPN reported during the broadcast that he was evaluated for a concussion, that he was sniffing ammonia and that his balance was being checked.
But it was a quick evaluation: Fitzgerald was back on the field for the Cardinals’ next offensive possession and didn’t miss a single offensive play.

Author: Josh Alper
Photo: AP Photo Paul Connors from

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