Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Robert Griffin III not interested in Kim Kardashian

We now have living, breathing proof that Robert Griffin III is one of the NFL's more cerebral young passers.
You might recall how the Washington Redskins rookie narrowly avoided the claws of one of our nation's more troubling man-eaters. When Kim Kardashian spotted RG3 at a live taping of "30 Rock" in April, she zoned in on him.
Jack Burditt, the show's executive producer, told "The Rich Eisen Podcast" that he advised Kardashian: "You stay away from him. This is a nice young man."
Naturally, the topic came up when RG3 appeared on Eisen's podcast via telephone on Tuesday. RG3 -- who's engaged -- made it clear he has zero interest in courting the minx.
"I heard the Kim Kardashian story and she was there and I guess that's all I could say about that," RG3 said. "There is no there, there. So people can calm down, don't worry."
The Redskins have drafted an intelligent young man.

source:  ATL@NFL.com
author:  Marc Sessler
photo from MockDraftHQ.com

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