Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tebow’s effort against “My Jesus” shirts seems off the mark

Though I’d prefer to keep as much distance as possible from my current life and the 18 years I spent banging powdered wigs in court, the NFL seems to always have multiple issues that require some sort of legal analysis.
The latest involves Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and his effort to get the makers of the “My Jesus” T-shirt to cease and desist.
Earlier today, MDS pointed out that the folks at Cubby Tees have politely invited Tebow’s legal team to stick it where the Perpetual Light don’t shine.
And, frankly, they’re right.  The logo infringes on no trademarks or other property of Tebow.
That said, the shirt blatantly infringes on the New York Jets logo, and we’re in the process of finding out whether the Jets or the NFL have launched a separate effort to shut down the sale of T-shirts that, at first glance, appear to display the Jets logo.
It would be surprising if the Jets and/or the NFL allow this to continue.  Owners of copyrighted material have an obligation to defend their copyrights.  If they don’t, they could lose the protections of the copyright laws.

author:  Mike Florio
photo via (from TMZ)

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