Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Randy Moss can cross the Cowboys off his list

Randy Moss is planning a comeback, and his agent says three teams have already shown interest. But the Cowboys are reportedly not one of those teams.

The Cowboys have already decided that they won’t be in the running for Moss, a source told ESPN’s Calvin Watkins.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said many times that he regrets passing on Moss in the 1998 NFL draft. Moss came out of Marshall as a big-play talent with off-field issues, and at the time Jones, who was concerned about cleaning up the Cowboys, was worried that Moss would tarnish the team’s image. Dallas drafted Greg Ellis with the eighth overall pick, and the Vikings ended up getting Moss with the 21st overall pick. But just because Jones wishes he had drafted the 21-year-old Randy Moss, that doesn’t mean Jones wants to sign the 35-year-old Randy Moss. Jones is apparently satisfied with the receivers the Cowboys have.

author:  Michael David Smith

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