Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tebow passes on invitation from CBS

The folks at CBS wanted to add Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to Sunday’s conference championship coverage.
And Tebow passed.
“Tim Tebow has decided not to appear,” CBS Sports president Sean McManus told Michael Hiestand of USA Today, via  McManus added that the network “is perfectly fine with the [on-air] lineup we have.”
(That last little part seems unnecessarily defensive.  If they were “perfectly fine” with the lineup, they wouldn’t have tried to tap into Tebowmania.)
Regardless, Tebow’s response isn’t a surprise.  We reported in December that Tebow has been rejecting such opportunities (including an invitation to host Saturday Night Live) because he desperately wants to remain one of the guys.
Even though he most certainly isn’t.

author:  Mike Florio

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