Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Patriots say practicing in pads was just what they needed

Bill Belichick gave a dry answer when asked about putting the players in pads for Monday’s practice in Indianapolis, but a couple of Patriots players were a bit more chatty.

And they all seem to agree that a full-pads practice to start Super Bowl week was the right way to go.

“We were happy,” Patriots safety Patrick Chung said. “Time to get back at it. We’re on a business trip. It’s the Super Bowl, festivities, and it’s fun and all that, but when we’re on the field, it’s ‘go’ time. It’s a business.”

Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty said the Patriots wanted to work hard to remind themselves what the goal is.

“We felt like we wanted to come out here and practice hard to start off the week,” McCourty said. “This was an important day to kind of set the tone.”

Today the teams are off the practice field and at Lucas Oil Stadium for Media Day. They’ll probably wish they had pads on as they get stampeded by thousands of reporters asking them the same questions over and over.

source:  PFT.com
author:  Michael David Smith
photo via Boston.com

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