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Miami Dolphins hope to seize the day, FISH(er) for coach

It’s best to let things digest for a couple of hours before trying to break it down, regurgitate what you’ve just swallowed. That approach keeps us from jumping to any hard and firm conclusions.

It also allows us to avoid foot in mouth disease, which Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross has battled since purchasing the team.

Those who have followed me for a while should know I’m not a knee jerk kind of guy. Jerk maybe….but not knee jerk.

I have to dissect things, and to do that you need more information, you need to understand people’s thought process. You need to take a step back and see the full portrait. Quick glances won’t do it.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m there at this point. Here’s why.

I still don’t understand why General Manager Jeff Ireland survived the Davie nuking of the Trifecta. Wasn’t he part of the problem?

Didn’t Ireland play a part in the hiring of Tony Sparano, and the selection of Chad Henne and Pat White, the two quarterbacks this regime drafted, and struggled developing.

My research allows me to give Ireland a pass on White since he was the person who fought his selection the most. But not Henne.

While Ireland might have signed Matt Moore, he also sanctioned Moore not being allowed to compete with Henne for the starting spot during training camp, which was a colossal mistake.

Also, I still don’t understand why Ross needed to fire Sparano on Monday. Removing Sparano from this team and promoting Todd Bowles likely won’t improve its performance. But then again, do the individuals in charge want the Dolphins to improve, or get worse so late in the game?

That’s the question that keeps lingering in my head, especially with three top tier draft prospects at quarterback – Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley and Robert Griffin III – likely being in play for the 2012 draft?

Excuse the conspiracy theorist in me.

Here’s what I’m comfortable enough to conclude.

Ireland has been endorsed by Ross’ adviser Carl Peterson, and the fact his additions (except for right tackle Marc Colombo, whom he must have blamed on Sparano) turned it around during the team’s four wins hinted the Dolphins’ problems in 2011 was coaching.

As for the timeline, which didn’t exactly come out of left field considering Ross openly admitted Sparano couldn’t produce a losing season, they needed to fire Sparano NOW because it was going to be done anyway.

Ross couldn’t chance Sparano rallying the troops again and winning the final three, making this decision a more difficult sell.

Ross handed Sparano the pink slip when the coach, and team were at a low following the blowout to the Eagles, which featured a troublesome back injury to Jake Long, and Matt Moore suffering a concussion that might force him to miss Sunday’s game against Buffalo.

Is Jeff Fisher the front runner to become the Dolphins' next coach?

Ross also couldn’t get behind the rest of the teams – Jacksonville and Kansas City right now….San Diego, St. Louis and maybe Indianapolis and Philadelphia later – looking for head coaches.

It’s never a bad idea to be first in line, especially when you can begin these discussions right now, getting a jump start on the other desirable destinations (San Diego is the one that concerns me the most because of their supposedly elite quarterback, solid defense and great location).

However, can’t say I’m absolutely comfortable with the individuals picking the next head coach and quarterback for the Dolphins. But I’ll wait until I we have a better view of the landscape.

I will say this…..the Dolphins job has former Titans coach Jeff Fisher written all over it.

Here’s what else the Sun-Sentinel is saying….

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