Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happster's Market Report: Week 15, Guest Column Edition


T.J. Yates, QB – Houston Texans

Houston is playing very well on defense and the offensive line has been intact all season.  Few teams can go through a season with better luck on the front seven and front lines than Houston has had this year.  Just as Brooks Reed stepped right in for Mario Williams, so has T.J. Yates at quarterback.  While it is the most difficult position to replace, its easier to fill someone's shoes if the rest of the house is already built and intact---and the Texans haven't missed a beat with Yates at the helm.  This should continue to be the case right into the playoffs.


Michael Vick, QB – Philadelphia Eagles

Please take my comments here with a grain of salt.  This was my team's worst season in the team's ten year history with the fantasy league I created back in the day.  And it is because I gambled on drafting Vick early, and my season quickly was left in ruins.  Now while he might throw the ball and run around the yard a bit the next few weeks, don't be mad at me for abandoning a ship that led my fantasy hopes to a ship-wrecked dead-end beach.  Sure he might get you a playoff win or two, but don't blame me if I say 'I told you so!' when and if he wrecks your post-season playoff bid after deciding to leave the pocket only to get speared right in the ribs.

Penny Stocks:

I'm going to let you in on some inside "Trader" secrets from the very own Rambling Gambler's notepad on fantasy trends.  This might end up being more valuable than just a single Penny as he is certainly very good at giving his "two cents" worth!

The Rambling Gambler fantasy notes:

Hasn’t been too much going on fantasy-wise this week other than the obvious news… DeMarco Murray got hurt, so Felix Jones is the RB again for Dallas.

-James Starks, RB GB, said he’s going to come back and play this week.
-Darren McFadden is STILL out, Michael Bush is still the starter.
-The Rams may be starting Kellen Clemens this week, making every Ram a bad fantasy play, as usual.
-The NY Giants defense has a nice matchup against a poor Redskins offense that just lost T Trent Williams to suspension, along with TE Fred Davis.
-Most fantasy players in the SF-Pittsburgh matchup need to be benched. Niners haven’t given up a rushing TD yet.
-Tim Tebow looks like a great start against the Pats bad defense.

Good Luck on your Post-Season Fantasy Runs!

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