Monday, December 5, 2011

Bears may be desperate enough to consider McNabb

When Donovan McNabb was available on waivers last week, the Bears decided they didn’t want him, and would stick with Caleb Hanie as their quarterback. But Hanie’s horrible game today may have changed that.
Although as of this morning Jay Glazer of FOX was reporting that the Bears had no interest in McNabb, after Hanie’s disastrous showing in today’s loss to the Chiefs, John Mullin of reports that the Bears will discuss bringing McNabb in on Monday.
Of course, teams discuss players all the time without actually signing them. And considering that McNabb has been criticized in both Washington and Minnesota for not working hard enough at learning the offense, it’s hard to see how McNabb could go to Chicago and get up to speed in time to help the Bears make the playoffs. So McNabb actually ending up in Chicago is still a long way from happening.
But the Bears are desperate. Before Jay Cutler went down, Chicago looked like the favorite to get the first NFC wild card spot. Without Cutler, the Bears have lost two in a row.
Three different coaches in the last 20 months have given up on McNabb, and last week all 32 NFL teams chose not to have him on the roster. That the Bears are now considering him shows just how desperate the situation has become in Chicago.

author:  Michael David Smith

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