Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TRG Week 9 Recap

I'm definitely happy that I got 5 out of 6, but man, what a crappy way to miss the perfect week. Losing that Rams game on a punt return in OT was terrible. That aside, it was a phenomenal week. New York did indeed win outright, and I even delivered a game pick with a total pick! There's still plenty of season left and I've got momentum going now after three consecutive winning weeks. Here's the recap on week 9, and stay tuned for my week 10 picks!


Patrick Peterson sure likes returning punts for TDs (3 total).
Rams +3 over Arizona: What a miserable way to lose. Up 13-6 with 5 minutes to go, only to end up blowing the lead, having the potential game winning field goal blocked to end regulation, and then to give up a punt return TD in OT. When I picked this game, I referred to these teams as "the dregs of the NFC West," and they certainly proved it.


NYG +8.5 over Patriots: Great game to watch, great performance by the Giants to get the win. The Patriots are looking almost human these days, but I'm thinking I like them this week. They may have vulnerabilities, but they're still a good team. The 6-2 Giants are suddenly looking dominant, and the NY-SF game is without a doubt the game of the week.

Gore now has 5 consecutive 100 yard games.
SF -4 over Washington: Speaking of SF, they just keep rolling along. If you've ever needed a visual for the phrase "blue-collar team," watch a Niners game. They can barely throw the ball enough to survive, they run the ball well, and the defense keeps points off the board. Washington is a team that seems very non-threatening right now and it'll be hard not to pick against them when there's a small spread.

SF/Was UNDER 37.5: Well that actually went as planned. The Niners couldn't punch it in for a score and kept chipping away with field goals. The under was never in jeopardy, as Washington's score came too late in the game.

Houston -10 over Cleveland: The Browns remain an easy target, currently 2-4-2 ATS on the year. They are really lacking in offense without Peyton Hillis. Houston has rallied nicely after their two game losing streak (Oak, Balt), going 3-0 ATS in these recent weeks. Considering Andre Johnson has been out that entire span, not to mention the defense being saddled with injuries, the Texans are holding up very well.

Atlanta -7 over Indy: Atlanta played well, but they still somehow seem a bit off to me. The Colts are a disaster. They will forever be the ultimate case study in what could happen if your franchise QB goes down and you don't have a decent backup. They are completely ineffective.

2011 Stats

Total Record: 27-26-1 

Games: 24-20-1
Over/Under: 3-6-0
Home Teams: 10-5-0
Road Teams: 13-15-1
Favorites: 15-12-1
Dogs: 8-7-0

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