Friday, November 18, 2011

TRG: Week 10 Recap

Make it 4 winning weeks in a row! Another 4/6 week and I plan on keeping it rolling this week. I'm not going to lie, though... Had I been able to get my columns done prior to yesterday's NYJ-Denver game, I would have been all over NYJ, and I would have lost. The Jets looked like they didn't want to win yesterday and missed numerous opportunities.
Happily, I'll give you 6 picks that aren't the Jets this week. Looking at last week, I scratched Miami late Sunday morning, due to Grossman starting, but it turned out it didn't matter, as Miami covered anyway. Had a close call on the NY-SF under, and unfortunately the Niners gave up a late TD that busted it. I don't even know what to say about Philly at this point... Losing to Arizona is bad. BAD. Somehow the Eagles are now 1-2 against the NFC West. Due to the injuries the Eagles have sustained, the NYG-Phi line is currently off, but they sure seem like they're in some serious trouble. Stay tuned for my picks column on Saturday, and here's the recap of last week.
They didn't make the under, but SF (8-1) has a lot to be happy about.


SF/NYG UNDER 43: This one was close, and had the Niners D held, it would have hit. SF seems to have a bad habit of letting teams score late. Nonetheless, it was an impressive win and San Francisco looks like the real deal. Assuming they avoid a collapse of epic proportions (they have a 5 game lead in the NFC West with 7 games to go), they very well could make some noise in the playoffs.

Philadelphia -14 over Arizona: Obviously this pick wasn't even close, with Arizona winning outright. The Eagles are a mess. Skelton's 2-game win streak is a little overblown at this point, and I doubt will see a QB controversy in Arizona, as the Niners should put an end to the winning streak. If Skelton-led Arizona somehow beats SF, though, then the QB controversy will really heat up.


Pittsburgh -4 over Cincinnati: I was ready to pat myself on the back after the Steelers grabbed a quick lead, but the Bengals played this game tough. Pittsburgh got the W, but it wasn't easy. Cincinnati sustained some bad injuries though, losing top CB Leon Hall for the season and rookie A.J. Green is looking unlikely to play this Sunday against Baltimore. It may be the beginning of the end for Cincy this season.

Get ready, Texas... It's Leinart time!
Houston -3 over Tampa Bay: That sure looked easy for the Texans. Tampa Bay's offense is officially AWOL this year. Big news out of this game was the Texans losing Schaub, possibly for the season. With Leinart stepping in, look for Houston to lean heavily on RBs Foster and Tate. The defense is playing well, so I think Houston will still be able to hold on to the AFC South title.

Jacksonville -3 over Indy: Indy is now 0-6 ATS in their past 6 games. It's an automatic bet against them until they prove they can win. They've got to be the odds-on favorite to draft Andrew Luck. Even if Manning comes back, they need depth at QB. Painter is worthless.

Dallas/Buffalo OVER 48: An explosive first half led to a very quiet second half, and I was becoming concerned with the Bills inability to put up any points. Luckily, the Dallas defense provided the necessary TD to make the over. The Bills look like they may be starting their typical late-season slide, but I think I may give them a chance against the Dolphins this week. With the Jets losing last night, the Bills are still in the division race and need a win.

2011 Stats

Total Record: 31-28-1

Games: 27-21-1
Over/Under: 4-7-0
Home Teams: 10-6-0
Road Teams: 16-15-1
Favorites: 18-13-1
Dogs: 8-7-0


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