Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Rambling Gambler Telegram: Pick Six Week 8

As I was crunching numbers late this week (due to a glitch in one of the NFL's Gamebooks)--much to my surprise, I received a late breaking Telegram from the one and only Rambling Gambler.  Here's a valuable excerpt that includes his Week 8 Pick Six:

"Hey SHAQ,
Not getting home til late Saturday, so still can't do this weeks picks. Oddly enough, internet in Rome (at our hotel, at least) is much worse than internet in Prague... Who knew?
Anyway, here's my brief look at this week. Hope you were able to do something with last weeks since I went 4-2. Figures I'd tie my best effort on my honeymoon when I'm not paying attention, lol! Hope all is well with you."

New Orleans -14 over the Rams
NO -14 (Rams still down Bradford, they probably have no hope. Saints didn't look too bad last week, either).

Detroit -3 over the Broncos

Detroit -3 (Tebow-mania is getting a little excessive... Detroit was everyone's darling until they lost to the
Niners, Stafford sounds like he's good to go. Lions are a much better team).

Minnesota +3.5 over the Panthers

Minnesota +3.5 (Ponder-mania isn't excessive enough. Vikes gave GB a run for their money last week, and despite Newton having a phenomonal rookie season, the Panthers are 2-5).

Seattle +3 over the Bengals

Seattle +3 (I always hate on Seattle on the road, so its only fair I take them as a home dog. Defense has played well at times, and the Bengals probably won't blow them out. Should be an ugly game like last week, so I like the points).

San Francisco -9 over the Browns

SF -9 (Niners D is legit, Cleveland offense is not. Hillis is probably out again, Browns will be hard pressed to score, just like last week).

Pittsburgh +3 over the Pats

Pittsburgh +3 (Steelers passing D is starting to click, and they may be able to exploit the pats secondary. The D has been underwhelming, but its still Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. Another tempting home dog).

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