Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snyder disappointed but hopeful with Redskins stars

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, in a rare interview with a small group of writers, admitted "disappointment" with the signing of DT Albert Haynesworth prior to the Super Bowl, his first extensive comments since signing him to a megadeal two years ago. Snyder also took responsibility for the size of the contract. "It's a fact. I sign the checks, so yes, I sign off," Snyder said. "I support (head coach) Mike (Shanahan). If Mike and (GM) Bruce (Allen) want to do something, I'll support it. I will sign the checks. But I don't watch the film deciding, 'Sign that guy.' That's not my deal." When asked about the future of Haynesworth in Washington, Snyder said, "It may still work out. You never know." As for QB Donovan McNabb, Snyder praised his character and talent and said he's "hopeful" things still could be worked out. "He's a good player, a real good player," Snyder said. "Let's see what happens. I'm optimistic, personally, but I think that Bruce and Mike — they're just starting their offseason stuff."

source:  ProFootballWeekly
author:  Eric Edholm, Senior Editor

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