Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sean Payton says he won’t “commute” from Dallas

Saints coach Sean Payton has lived in New Orleans long enough to know that news that he was moving his family out of town to Dallas wasn’t going to go over well.
In an interview on WWL radio Tuesday, Payton says he understands, but fans shouldn’t worry because he’ll be spending more time at the team facility during the season, not less.
“Really, it’s not a thing where you commute day to day,” Payton explained via Mike Triplette of New Orleans Times-Picayune. “Your family comes in for the weekends when you’re playing games.  I’ll get back to Dallas on the weekends in the offseason. We have our time as a family during the summer down at the beach.”
Payton basically explained his family decided that his kids should go to high school in Dallas and that he needed to “win more games” at home.   (Translation: The wife won this round.)  He repeated he’ll have more time at the office in the season.   (Translation: With family out of town, the minimal amount of time spent with them during the week will decrease.)
The most interesting thing Payton said on Monday was about his future as a coach.
“My job is to coach this team. And I’m under contract for two more years coaching this team.  And I know this, I hope when I’m finished coaching, this is my last spot coaching. And honestly, I don’t see myself coaching 10, 15 more years,” Payton said. “You know, my son is dying for me to be at practice, and my daughter is dying for me to be at more of her events.
“It’s hard to explain the pull that this job and this career has.  We knew going in and I knew going in how demanding it can be.  And when you win a Super Bowl those demands can get even tougher.
Call us crazy, but it sounds like Payton could have early onset Parcells Disease.

source:  PFT.com
author:  Gregg Rosenthal

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