Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Redskins’ Banks had collapsed lung from stabbing

Washington Redskins kick returner Brandon Banks suffered a collapsed lung when he was stabbed outside a nightclub, and efforts to keep the lung inflated have delayed his discharge from the hospital.

Banks’ agent, James Gould, on Wednesday released the most detailed statement yet concerning his client’s condition. Gould said the knife nicked Banks’ left lung when the stabbing occurred in downtown D.C. early Saturday.

“He still has a chest tube inserted and it will remain until the wound heals and the lung remains inflated,” Gould said. “We are hopeful that the tube will be removed by Friday, and if the lung does not respond, then a commonly performed procedure using a scope will be performed to repair the lung. Brandon should be released within 48 hours afterward.”

Gould said Banks is still expected to have a 100 percent recovery and resume offseason training in two to four weeks. He said Banks has been transferred from Howard University Hospital in Washington to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va., and is under the care of Dr. Anthony Casolaro, a Redskins team physician.

The announced severity of Banks’ condition and the timetable for his release have changed almost daily since the stabbing. Gould originally said Banks had only a surface wound and would probably be released within a day. Gould later revealed that Banks had a tube inserted into the chest. Gould said a setback came on Monday when the lung would not remain inflated when the tube was removed.

The stabbing occurred outside an upscale nightclub after three men got into an argument, according to police. Banks and one of Banks’ friends were injured, and a suspect has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Banks, 23, had an impressive rookie season as an undrafted player out of Kansas State, highlighted by a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

Author: The Associated Press

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