Saturday, February 5, 2011

Panthers may not tag DeAngelo Williams

The NFL and the NFLPA can’t agree on whether the franchise tag will be available to use later this month.  If it is available, the Carolina Panthers can’t agree internally yet on who to tag.
They have plenty of options.
Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette has a source that says it’s not a lock that the team will place the tag on running back DeAngelo Williams.  While he’s the biggest name on the team headed for free agency, the Panthers have Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson behind him.
Center Ryan Kalil and defensive end Charles Johnson are other possible candidates to tag.   Cornerback Richard Marshall would be longshots.
After two days of labor talk in Dallas, we get the feeling we’re spinning our wheels by talking about free agent moves since free agency could be months away.   Like NFL teams, however, we have to be prepared for everything.

author: Gregg Rosenthal

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