Sunday, February 13, 2011

Browns have no plans at present to cut Jake Delhomme

The Browns shed some dead weight salaries earlier this week, but their most overpaid player remains on the team.
Browns G.M. Tom Heckert told Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer there are no plans “at present” (Grossi’s words) to cut quarterback Jake Delhomme.   There’s no rush to cut most players pre-work stoppage and it’s hard to believe Delhomme will be back next year.
Due $5.4 million, Delhomme is behind Colt McCoy on the team’s depth chart.  Delhomme threw two touchdowns and seven interceptions last year and his yards-per-attempt was far lower than McCoy and Seneca Wallace.
We can’t imagine Delhomme truly has a chance to return, but Wallace is a free agent so the Browns will apparently hold on to Delhomme until they find someone else to bolster the roster.
Browns President Mike Holmgren has oddly been given a pass for one of the worst free signings of the last five years.
Plenty of moves don’t work out, but paying Delhomme $7 million was impossible to defend the day it was signed, and it turned out worse than imagined.

author:  Gregg Rosenthal

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