Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This week, it’s not personal for Rex Ryan

Jets coach Rex Ryan can’t pretend he has some “personal” mountain to climb this week, like he did against the Colts and Patriots.  He likes Steelers coach Mike Tomlin too much.
Ryan called Tomlin a “man’s man” and “one of his favorite coaches.”   He relayed a story from 2007 when Tomlin had mercy on Ryan’s Ravens team and ran the ball nearly the entire second half with a huge lead.
While last week’s game was personal, Ryan continued to express his admiration for Bill Belichick after the win over the Patriots.
“There was nothing schematically I did to win that game,” Ryan said. “Our guys were prepared to play and that’s my job. But to say that I out-coached Belichick, I would not agree with that. I think it’s almost a joke. I don’t think anybody out-coaches Belichick.”
From most coaches, this would sound like false modesty.  (Especially after the amazing gameplan Ryan put together on Sunday.)  But Ryan says it in such a way that you believe he means it.

source:  PFT.com
author:  Gregg Rosenthal

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