Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mangini outlines strategy for beating the Pats

As we prepare to take in a game that hopefully will be slightly more interesting than Seahawks-Bears (I actually fell asleep during the second quarter), a man who worked for the Pats and who coached the Jets has shared with the New York Post the plan for taking down the Patriots.
Here’s a summary of the key points.
1.  Run the ball.
2.  Build long drives.
3.  Avoid self-inflicted wounds.
Mangini also reiterated a well-known point regarding the Pats’ approach.  Coach Bill Belichick tries to take away the thing that the opponent does best.  The game then will turn on whether the other team can get the job done by doing things that they prefer not to do.
The former Browns coach also explained that, when his team beat the Pats in November by 20, Mangini had two separate game plans, one for the first half and one for the second.
It’s all easier said than done.  Like Jets coach Rex Ryan said this week, his team will need to hope that Belichick makes a mistake — and be ready to pounce on it.
With both feet.

author: Mike Florio

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