Sunday, January 2, 2011

Haynesworth will return to the Redskins on Monday

On Sunday, the four-game suspension imposed by the Redskins on defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth will end.  As soon as Monday, Haynesworth will return to team headquarters, possibly wearing a T-shirt that says, “Deal with it.”
Jason Reid and Barry “Buy a Vowel” Svrluga of the Washington Post report that Haynesworth will show up for, among other things, his season-ending physical.
“It’s important to show up for that and get that exit exam and get that paperwork,” defensive end and NFLPA union rep Vonnie Holliday told the Post.  “I expect if it’s not Monday or Sunday, sometime during the next 72 hours, he’ll be around.”
Whether Haynesworth meets with coach Mike Shanahan remains to be seen.
“I usually don’t meet with anybody, except for a few guys, for one reason or another,” Shanahan told the Post. “Maybe he’ll stop by and say, ‘Hello.’ . . .  I have not gotten a Christmas present yet. I’m waiting for it, though.”
We love a little snark as much as anyone, but we’re not sure that Shanahan should be making light of a bad situation for which he is as responsible as Haynesworth, especially if there’s any chance that owner Daniel Snyder is soaking up every last bit of available information before deciding whether the father-son piss-people-off picnic should extend into a second year.

author:  Mike Florio

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