Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charles Tillman knocks Soldier Field, sort of

Earlier this year, Bears players like quarterback Jay Cutler have criticized the playing surface at Soldier Field. On Thursday, cornerback Charles Tillman sounded off on the quality of the field, too.

But there’s a disconnect between the initial media report regarding Tillman’s comments and the transcript circulated by the team.
Per the Chicago Tribune, in an item with a headline indicating that Tillman is the latest Bear to “rip” the playing surface, Tillman said, “Some people say it’s a [sh-tty] field,” Tillman said.
The transcript from the team paints a slightly different picture regarding Tillman’s comments as to the field that looks like it’s been coated with paint of a color that matches the contents of a day-old diaper.
“I think our field is a little bit harder in January and February, or December and January, around that time frame,” Tillman said. “It is what it is. Some people say it’s a sorry field, but say what they want. At the end of
the day you have to play. That’s what we do. We accept it, and we just play.”
Regardless of whether he said “sorry” or “sh-tty,” he wasn’t complaining about the field in the way that others have complained.

author:  Mike Florio

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