Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati

During the 2010 season, when quarterback Carson Palmer seemed to be a franchise quarterback in contract only, it appeared that the Bengals could be done with Palmer.
Regardless of what the Bengals want to do, Palmer reportedly is done with the Bengals.
Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Palmer will ask the Bengals to trade him.  Per Mort, Palmer is willing to play the “retirement” card in order to be traded to a team for which he’d like to play.
Mort mentioned the Seahawks, 49ers, and Cardinals, the three NFC West teams that don’t have Sam Bradford at quarterback.
One team Mort didn’t mention?  The Raiders, now coached by former Bengals assistant Hue Jackson and a potential destination for receiver Chad Ochocinco.
Um.  Now we know why Mort didn’t mention the Raiders.

author:  Mike Florio

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